Complex Trauma

Max Woodfin, MA, LPC
Counselor, Educator, Army Veteran


I view trauma as a complex interaction between our bodies' natural fight or flight response, and the existential sense of grief we feel when encountering threats to life or our physical integrity.  Trauma is a common experience in the human condition, but personal trauma can be extremely lonely and painful, both physically and psychologically.  Treating Psychological trauma also demands a very strong "container," or the development of personal resources and therapeutic support.  I treat my clients who experience PTSD and trauma-related symptoms with great care...and with great respect for the fragility resulting from traumatic experience.

In my practice, I employ a fusion of mindfulness-based resilience training and somatic-based treatment of trauma.  Mindfulness training helps clients self-regulate and maintain awareness of their capacity to move through the intense emotional body that results from trauma.  Somatic-based trauma treatment focuses on the practical need for the brain and corresponding parts of the body to complete fight/flight responses that were activated during the initial trauma.

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