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Hearing Depression's Message

Depression, anxiety's corollary, permeates the life of those who suffer from it.  It often acts like a dark blanket on the mind, where the world feels inaccessible and far away.   It is as though there is no room to breathe, no air or life to bring in.  And one of the most difficult aspects of depression is how others view it: That it is a choice, that sufferers are pining for attention or are weak.  But depression has a true chemical and neuropsychological cause -- not permanent or necessarily from a predisposition, but the physiology of depression is real, which is why medications can have such a profound effect for some.

There is hope.  I view depression as a doorway, albeit one that seems closed...initially.  There is often a meaning behind depression that, when unlocked, can give you deeper insights into your life.  Like anxiety, mindfulness practices and the integration of difficult life experiences (especially trauma and loss) can help you lift the dark blanket and let you breathe again.  And psychotherapy provides you with a place to experience genuine relationship despite the weight you carry.

Max Woodfin, MA, LPC
Counselor, Educator, Army Veteran